Our ideas

Our personal and professional stories

The prose of becoming

We met and decided to share our personal and professional stories.
Through the F&B LUXURY EVENTS proposals a new era begins for the following activities: weddings and celebrations, conventions and meetings, cocktails, runway shows and touring learning workshops.
The care of Space, the harmony of Time and the recognition of Beauty are our new frontiers.
We focus on the attitude to luxury as a symbolic personal experience, through the exclusive customisation of each event.

Research and amazement

The inclusive exclusivity

We propose time which is free and, above all, freed from the markets of educational activities, confirming the enjoyment and the enhancement of the people involved because each person becomes a protagonist.

More than the result of a procedure and an event, we formulate a critical and specialised approach for each celebration proposed. Our clients share the research, amazement and wellbeing and prefer the pleasure of the unexpected to the prediction of pleasure.

The exclusive care of desire

The reasons of the heart

Luxury is linked to one's own personal time and space. One lives together and every time one is aware of one's own map of the heart, at that moment, it is really a celebration, a luxurious event.

We make use of the consultancy of a team of various experts: star chefs, maîtres d', sommeliers, a brigade of waiters, flower designers, musicians, photographers, videographers, actors, mimes, poets, barmen, confectioners, party favour makers, tailors to make table cloths, cushions and made-to-measure curtains for events, people to produce invitations, save the dates and menus and choose the bride and groom's outfits, make up artists and hair stylists

“The goal is to surprise with elegance and collaborate to transform the meetings and the occasions of celebration into an art form."