Bon Ton Lab

Take part in discussions with a smile
on your lips to go beyond your own limitations.

Thanks to the workshops proposed by F&B Luxury Events, you can travel the path of self-perfection in the social, relational and professional areas.
Edutainment is a formula of educational entertainment which F&B Luxury Events, offers, never losing sight of the very high quality standards which make the brand stand out.
Mise en place, bon ton, bearing, paths of smell, eco design workshops and wedding preparations are only some of the ideas for the F&B Luxury Events client who, through irony, a smile and shared recreational activity, wants to improve his self-knowledge and his relationship with the environment which surrounds him.


The method is active and compelling

The participants have the opportunity, during their progress, to experiment with new learning through enjoyment, as the art of having a good time, go in different directions or deviate, thus as an active research process and not as the passive reception of content transmitted from outside.

The irony, the smile and the shared recreational activity, become natural strategies for dealing with working situations with variety, positiveness and self confidence.

Alcune proposte:

  • Mise en place
  • Awareness, Bon ton and bearing
  • Path of smell
  • Eco designer
  • Wedding preparations